Your First Window Cleaning Tools You Need

Window Cleaning Tools

Professional window cleaners and those who want to keep their own home or business premises windows looking sparkling clean, to have your own professional window cleaning tools will make you, and save you, time and money and clean windows make a huge difference to a property.

It will make your job quicker and look 10 times better when you wash your windows using the correct equipment.

We can help you if you are starting out with a new window cleaning business, or whether you are a window cleaning guru, we can supply you with the right tools for the job. It is important to understand what is required, what is necessary for efficiency and what is desired for personal preference before purchasing expensive equipment.

Cleaning windows is a task that should be done routinely. It keeps your home looking and feeling good, fresh, and bright, dirty windows affect people’s emotions negatively, even subconsciously. If your windows are left to become grimy, it often make you feel self-conscious and embarrassed, especially when you have beautiful scenery outside your window that you can't see clearly. I you choose to wash your own windows, get some good equipment, that way you can make the job more enjoyable, and you will more likely want to stick to your window cleaning routine.

Basic window cleaning equipment

The three most important tools to wash windows are:

1 - Applicator Sponge or Washer (Washing the window)Applicator for washing windows

The applicator is used to apply soap solution, to wash or scrub the window. It's a plastic T-bar with an absorptive material used 

to apply the solution and scrub the glass. The sleeves that fit over the bar are made of fibres such as cotton. This process of dipping the applicator into your bucket of cleaning solution and scrubbing the glass is to loosen the dirt, grime, or dust on the glass surface.


2 - Squeegee or squilgee (Drying the window)

The squeegee has a rubber blade used to remove the dirty water from the glass and dry it. It has three parts: handle, rubber blade and a metal channel. The squeegee might be considered the most important part of your window cleaning equipment, if it gets any damage on the rubber blade it will leave streaks or smudges on the glass. You need to use good quality squeegee rubbers.

3 - Bucket (To hold the cleaning solution)Window cleaning buckets

It is important to get the right bucket, to prevent unnecessary spillage and to be able to submerge your applicator beneath the solution. You can have a holster on your belt to hold your squeegee and applicator and it can also serve as a small bucket for some cleaning solution. Often window cleaners will use both types of buckets, the hip holster, and the large rectangular bucket to hold the window cleaning fluid.


Other essential tools to wash windows are:

4) Micro-fibre cloths for detailing the window, and towels for mopping

5) Ladders and extension poles for the hard-to-reach windows

6) Good scrapers with spare new quality steel blades

7) A good mix of cleaning solution