Find a Window Cleaner Before Selling Your Property?

Why It's Important to Find a Window Cleaner Before Selling Your Home?

Comercial window cleaner cleaning offices using rope access


It is critical to have your windows cleaned both within and outside if you want to sell your property fast, whether it is a property for sale in Dubai or any other place. It will aid in the production of better photographs and make your home more inviting during open houses. You could potentially get a higher offer than anticipated as a result of this.


What is a window cleaner?

A window cleaner is a person who specializes in washing windows and removing them from their frames, and cleaning inside the frame. Window cleaners use squeegees, ladders, and scrapers to remove dirt and grime from glass surfaces. The professional will come to your residence or commercial establishment with all the necessary tools to do a thorough cleaning job.

Window Cleaning Services


The window cleaners may be employed directly by you or legally contracted through a third party that specializes in home improvement services. Some contractors have professionals on their staff that perform tasks such as gutter cleaning, pressure washing, or even washing windows. It can be beneficial to work with one company for various needs rather than hiring multiple companies at different times of the year. When seeking out companies to hire, you can research their references and look for those with a strong background in customer service skills.

For commercial purposes, window cleaners could be hired by office managers who are looking to keep the glass clean and free of fingerprints. Businesses that offer services where potential customers will be seated right in front of the windows may want to clean the exterior thoroughly. A professional cleaning service can ensure no dirty marks on storefront windows or doors, providing a positive first impression with every customer.

Cleaning windows before selling yourhouse


Be careful who you hire

Before hiring window cleaners, homeowners may want to ask about services such as cleaning screens or removing any dirt or marks from the glass panes. Additionally, some professionals will help to remove the windows from the frame to allow for thorough interior dusting and exterior pressure cleaning. Hiring a professional to remove your windows may require additional cost, but many individuals find it is worth it to ensure that they are returned and appropriately installed.

There are thousands of businesses out there that offer services such as window cleaning. They may or may not be qualified in what they do - always try tp get customer references. Be careful where you source from because some businesses have been known to leave their customers high and dry with dirt, grime, and smudges all over the windows.

Get customer references

If you are not sure about their services, ask them for some references. It is always best to deal with companies who have been trading in the local area for at least five years - they usually know what they are doing when it comes to window cleaning. Also, check out any testimonials on their website or Google search results page. Some of these companies may not be registered in South Africa (i.e., they don't have a VAT number), that might ring alarm bells too.

Decide on how often you will need to clean your property

Some businesses offer regular weekly/fortnight or monthly services, while others do one-off window cleans. It's up to you how often your property gets cleaned, but if you are looking for a quick sale - one-off services are best as prospects will know that the windows have been recently cleaned.

Check their level of experience

You should also find out how experienced the business is in doing window cleaning jobs. Ask them for previous customer references and testimonials on their website or Google search results page. You can also ask them what type of training they have had (if any) when working at height, health, safety, etc., to ensure that you're hiring a legitimate business that knows what they are doing.

Wrapping Up! 

If you plan to sell your home within the next six months, you need to hire a window cleaner before putting it on the market. Before purchasing, buyers have been known to avoid homes due to stained windows, cloudy and dirty windows. As mentioned above, hiring a company for this task requires effort on the owner's part, but it will help their home sell faster after it has been thoroughly cleaned.

It is important to find good window cleaners before selling your home, don't ever let potential buyers see cobwebs, stains, grime, dirt, and smudges on your windows.